Custom Cue Pricing

Base Prices
     jump cue $200
     plain jane cue with figured handle/Irish linen $350
     basic 4 pointer with figured handle/Irish Linen $550
     extra shaft $125 (plus ring cost)
Butt Options
     premium/best woods $25+ (depending on cost/figure/rarity)
     coring (required for some species) $25 per section
     segmented handle (includes coring cost) $100 (plus possible ringwork costs)
     fancy rings/inlays tbd
     Leather Wrap $100+
Deer Antler Options
     ferrule $20
     joint collar $30
     buttcap $40
Joint Protectors
     black plastic free
     engraved black plastic with standard Logo $5 per
     black plastic engraved with your name $7.50 per
     custom/matching joint protectors $40+ each
Shipping & Materials
     USPS Priority Shipping actual cost
     PVC tubes for maximum protection $7.50
Deposit $100+