Custom Cue Pricing

The base prices are for typical cue woods such as bocote, purpleheart, curly and birdseye maple, etc. The very best pieces, ebony, burls, very expensive woods like snakewood, etc, are priced per build.

Fancy ringwork and inlays vary too much in both time spent and material cost to capture on a pricing page. I like to do both traditional stitched/slotted rings and inlaid rings.

Base Price
     jump cue $300
     MVP FS sneaky (standard model has joint collar and hoppe butt) $450
     MVP veneered FS (includes rings at joint and butt that matches/complements the veneers) $750
     plain jane $450
     basic 4 pointer $650
     4 pointer with 4 veneers $850
     extra shaft $125 (plus ring cost)
Butt Options
     premium/best woods price depends on cost/figure/rarity)
     segmented handle $100
     Leather Wrap $75
     custom weight & balance $50
     matching custom extension $150+
Deer Antler Options
     ferrule $20
     joint collar $30
     buttcap $40
Joint Protectors
     black plastic with MVP engraving free
     black plastic engraved with your name $20.00
     custom/matching joint protectors $50+ each
Shipping & Materials
     USPS Priority Shipping $25
Deposit $100+