CueCut Windows Program

CueCut is a fully featured windows program developed for the custom cue maker to generate GCode for turning cue components on a CNC router or lathe.
Current Version is 1.23

After recently acquiring a CNC router and setting up a Sherline lathe for turning, I turned my attention to exactly how I would generate my GCode programs. I knew I could write tapering programs by hand or draw them in CAD software. I also knew there had to be something faster and easier...custom software. I initially designed CueCut to match my lathe configuration and do just a few types of cuts. After realizing how much of a time saver it was, I expanded the program to include more features.

I now use CueCut to do all of my turning on my CNC machine. Whether I am turning a square round, taking a final pass on a fully assembled cue, or just taking a clean up cut on a newly installed joint collar, I use CueCut to generate the GCode file for it. On average, it takes me about 30 seconds total time to generate a program and bring it into my controller software. If you are a cuemaker and do your turning on a CNC machine, you may be interested in trying out CueCut for yourself.

The price for CueCut is $225, which includes USPS priority shipping of the USB license dongle required for the program to run. For international buyers, I pay the first $10 of international priority shipping. I will send a paypal invoice for the difference. When purchasing, include in the notes section the exact name/cue brand you want the program licensed to. The licensed version of the program is provided as a download after purchase.

Program Features

  • Straight cuts for coring dowels
  • Taper cuts for butt components, linear or compound, wrap grooves
  • Shaft taper cuts with a design screen for taper construction
  • Cutting handle blanks with a tenon
  • Multiple passes, final passes, lathe alignment correction, bi-directional cutting, machine codes for devices, etc

An evaluation version of CueCutMill is available for download. This version allows GCode files to be generated for cutting straight dowels. The other functions are included in the program for visual review, but GCode cannot be generated for shafts or tapered butt components. The program can be downloaded here. The evaluation version requires .NET 4 (or higher) drivers be installed to the computer. You may have to change the security settings on the install file after downloading in order to run the installer.

CutCut Example Videos