CueBillet Windows Program

CueBillet is a fully featured windows program developed for the custom cue maker to generate GCode for machining slotted ring billets on a CNC mill/router.

Current Version is 1.1
MVP Software

After developing CueCut for all of my turning needs, I decided to develope a program for machining ring billets. I wanted to be able to mill both the billet strips and the ring billet. I also wanted to include diagrams to help with the design and decision making. I now use CueBillet any time I need to make a ring billet. I also use it any time I need to surface any type of inlay slab to a particular thickness. I think CueBillet is an efficient and versatile program for quickly designing and machining ring billets.

The price for CueBillet is $175, which includes USPS priority shipping of the USB license dongle required for the program to run. For international buyers, I pay the first $10 of international priority shipping. I will send a paypal invoice for the difference. When purchasing, include in the notes section the exact name/cue brand you want the program licensed to. The program is provided as a download after purchase.

If you are a previous owner of CueCut, the price is $150 and the program will use the same USB dongle you already own. Contact me to update your dongle for CueBillet.

Program Features

  • Surfacing inlay slabs to a particular thickness
  • Milling inlays slabs into uniform strips for gluing into billet slots
  • Cutting slots into joint, A-joint, and butt sized billets
  • 4th axis capability
  • Multiple passes, final passes, machine codes for devices

An evaluation version of CueBillet is available for download. This version allows GCode files to be generated for surfacing slabs to thickness. The other functions are included in the program for visual review, but GCode cannot be generated for milling strips or slotted billets. The program can be downloaded here. The evaluation version requires .NET 4 (or higher) drivers be installed to the computer. You may have to change the security settings on the install file after downloading in order to run the installer.

CueBillet Example Videos