CueBalance Windows Program

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Cue Balance is a fully featured windows program developed for the custom cue maker to help in weighting and balancing a cue during the design and construction phases.

Own CueCut

I started writing CueBalance because I wanted a tool to help me match certain woods and make coring decisions in order to achieve a specific weight and balance point of a cue. At some point, the program evolved into a challenge to try and incorporate as many aspects of cue construction as I possibly could in order to develop an actual cue modeling program. I feel the end result is a worthwhile contribution to cuemaking, and so I have decided to offer it for sale to other cue makers. The introductory price is $100. This includes lifetime email support, and telephone support during the initial installation. You can purchase CueBalance by clicking on the paypal button above. Once purchased, a personalized version of the program will be compiled and a download link will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

A wise man once said if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a lot. I agree. At the bottom of this page are 3 youtube video links. The videos highlight how to use CueBalance. If you are a cue maker and might be interested in purchasing CueBalance, the videos will give you an cuebalance pic idea of how my program can benefit you during the cue design and construction phase.

Program Features

  • One piece, two piece, and 3 piece butt construction
  • Includes coring (forearm, handle, full length cores, partial cores, stepped cores)
  • Includes wraps (linen, leather, stacked leather, cork)
  • Includes ringwork, collars, joint pins, weight/connecting pins, butt caps, bumpers, etc
  • Full spliced cues
  • Volume and density calculators
  • Customizable hardware lists
  • A detailed windows help file
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Youtube Tutorial Videos