About Kelly


My father taught me to play pool when I was kid. I still remember my first table run while playing at the recreation center on the Air Force base where we lived. What is more vivid is the memory of my father's smile from the corner of the room where he sat watching the game. Dad, thanks so much for all the many lessons in both pool and life.

My first interest in custom cues came roughly 10 years later. My father was friends with Bill Schick. This led to a trip to visit Mike Roberts and Bill at the It's George shop. That was during the time Mike was selling quite a few It's George cues, as well as cases. To this day, that is still the only time I have ever stepped foot in another cuemaker's shop. What a fun day that was! Bill and Mike, thank you for your hospitality and tour of the shop. I did not know it then, but that visit was the first seed that would one day lead me to want to learn to make cues.

Twenty years has transpired between that seed and now. I have continued to play pool since then, had a family, and have a career with the U.S. Forest Service. Along the way, I still often imagined one day becoming a cuemaker. Some years back (more than I care to admit), with ecouragement from my wife Janna, I finally set my mind to learning to make cues.

I need to make a point of distinction here. I did not want to just make a few cues, I wanted to learn cuemaking. This has made my journey a long one. There are some aspects/tasks of cuemaking that I have been doing for years, and others that are brand new to me. Though patience has been tested during this journey, and I will always choose the perspective of being a student to cuemaking, I have finally decided to share my progress and offer my cues for sale.

I must acknowledge two more people. Bob Dzuricky and Greg Colbert, your help, advice, and friendship mean a great deal to me. Thank you.