MVP Custom Cues

I am currently taking a few orders for the duration of 2021.

picture of MVP Cues owner Kelly Peterson

Thank you for visiting my site. The Cues menu includes pictures of the cues I build and some of the wood and blanks I have available for custom cue orders. The About menu includes a page detailing the construction of my cues, as well as my thoughts on various cue making topics.

If you are a cue maker, you may be interested in my cuemaking software. CueCut is a GCode generator written specifically for the cuemaker to generate CNC programs for turning all types of cue components. CueBillet is a GCode generator written specifically for making slotted ring billets.CueBalance is a computer program that models a cue during the design and construction phase in order to help target a specific weight and balance point.

Feedback on my site is always welcome.

9 ball
  • I actually have a cue for sale...a cocoblo JB made from a solid piece of mottled and bees wing figured cocobolo. See my for sale page.

  • Two new MVP full splice cues are posted to a new page dedicated to full splice cues made from my blanks.

  • Bob Dzuricky has posted a video of a particularly nice veneered cocobolo into maple full splice blank I made for him. You can watch it here.

  • I am now building my own full spliced blanks, both for sneaky petes, and veneered. If interested, you can watch a youtube video Bob Dzuricky made of my first veneered blanks we assembled together here.